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No stadium subsidies, even for the Super Bowl

Americans are on the move to freer pastures

Minnesota Plundered by Vikings

The dire consequences of declining mobility

It’s time to confront our coastal elite economies

The Lifeblood of Cities – Middle Neighborhoods

From sea to shining see: Why conservatives have given up on the coasts and big cities

Doing Houston wrong: A defense of Houston’s approach to zoning

Cities as playgrounds for elites

Capital bikeshare does not need subsidies

Midsize cities more business-friendly than large cities, new study finds

free TRADE

What Trump’s solar tariffs mean for Texas

Leaving NAFTA would be a self-imposed economic disaster resulting in job losses for 1.8M US workers in every state

Fearing Trump’s trade policies, U.S. states and foreign countries grow closer

Tariffs don’t help industry or consumers

NAFTA Negotiations and the Impact on Canada-Texas Trade

House Passes Tariff Relief Bill


Freedom as a principle of mobility

Here are the streets included in Fort Worth’s 2018 bond proposal

Could money Fort Worth uses to fight crime instead go toward public transit?

Why transit ridership is falling

Costs balloon for California’s high-speed rail

How self-driving cars will change cities: The view from CES

The coming war on driving

Texas’ rural roots and urban future are on a high-speed collision course

History suggests the Hyperloop Is an uncertain promise for future cities

Federal plans for bullet train between Dallas and Houston

Congestion pricing on toll rolls is not price gouging

California planning to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2040

Los Angeles’ $120B bet on transportation budget commitment

NY is safer but more gridlocked than ever

California’s fantasy train boondoggle

Dockless bike-sharing startup working on creating virtual parking spots


Austin OKs dockless bike rental pilot, with a one-year limit

Cato’s Human Freedom Index

It is too soon to regulate Dallas’ bike share companies

Fraser Institute’s Human Freedom Index for 2017

Oregonians are panicking about self-serve gas pumps

Texas ranks No. 3 in Fraser Institute US State Survey of Economic Freedom

Airbnb regs are bad for small towns too

technology, innovation and abundance

Should cryptocurrencies be regulated?

How blockchain can alleviate poverty

Negativity is natural but life is amazing

Why the world Is still getting better—and that’s likely to continue

What is it that makes humans unique?

Technology will erase jobs – but make everything cheap or free

Why the world is better than you think It Is – evidence of abundance


Occupational licensing: a blind spot for the right and left

You shouldn’t need a license for occupational therapy

Florida tackles occupational licensing reform

Occupational licensing locks too many Americans out of the job market

When licensing and free speech collide

Misguided preschool mandate sill cost D.C. parents and teachers but won’t help kids

Texas should take a long, hard look at its professional licensing requirements

tech and smart cities

Google’s Sidewalk Labs has big plans to remake Toronto, but some say the whole thing is a big mistake

Automating government work

Will tech make government obsolete?

8 ways artificial intelligence will transform our cities

San Francisco’s $1.5b project to provide 1G internet to residents


On Goldwater Institute’s campus free speech model bill

Can states compel you to bake a cake?


States Prime Themselves for New Amazon HQ

Winning Amazon’s HQ2 will require more than just tax incentives

Amazon Should Stick to Capitalism and Avoid the Crony Game

How might Texas win Amazon’s second headquarters? Not because of flashy financial incentives

DFW on short lst for Amazon HQ

budget and taxes

Despite sunny economy, Texas budget forecast is dreary

Gov. Abbott’s Tax Plan

Rust Belt cities and their legacy costs

To revitalize cities, stabilize their budgets

Criminal Justice Reform and Policing

Koch network targets Texas in push for prison reform and prisoner re-entry into society

Ford Makes Plans for an Automated Police Car That Takes the Law Into Its Own Hands

Dealing with overcriminalization

Ethics of predictive policing

Wrong-footing the NYPD


Return of the MOOCs

Identity U

Let me blow your mind: The importance of awe in education

Why intelligent optimism Is crucial to human progress

It’s time to marginalize the university and revive the café


Testing Texas power

How does Texas’ budget use taxes from oil and natural gas production?

Solar’s bright future is further away than it seems

POPULATIOn and jobs

Where the Jobs Are

The states that added the most jobs last year

Texas grew by 1,000 persons a day in 2017

Texas population grew to 28.3 people in 2017


Some states want to save net neutrality, but can they?


Amarillo: where grit is an integral part of the DNA

Fort Worth, please never stop being “Cowtown”


Localism vs. the Politics of Abstraction


Amazon health alliance’s secret sauce will be technology

Trump proposes “right to try” for terminal patients in SOTU

Get government out of healthcare and let the free market work


CalPERS past the point of no return?


The Taking: how the federal government abused its power to seize property for a border fence