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The views expressed in the articles below do not necessarily reflect the views of Lone Star Policy Institute, its leadership, or its editors.  The articles below are Texas-centric. However, we also believe it is important to learn from the trends, mistakes, and innovations outside of Texas.


How Cities Fell Out of Love With Sports Stadiums

The Tax Reform Program Many Hope Will Revive Distressed Communities

Republicans Do Well in Texas. Except for Dallas, Houston, Austin . . .

The next local control fight explained: Why Austin passed a citywide sick leave policy

Austin has mandated paid sick leave for workers, but Texas lawmakers are already working to reverse it

Urbanisim, Texas style

The lifeblood of cities – middle neighborhoods

From sea to shining see: why conservatives have given up on the coasts and big cities

A defense of Houston’s approach to zoning

Midsize cities more business-friendly than large cities, new study finds

free TRADE

Tariffs Not Only Impose Immense Economic Costs but Also Fail to Achieve Their Primary Policy Aims and Foster Political Dysfunction Along the Way

National Taxpayer Union: More than 1,100 economists sign open letter to Trump, Congress voicing opposition to tariffs and protectionism

Is China about to punk Trump on trade?

The economic consequences of Donald Trump

What the New Steel Tariffs Mean for the Car Business

EU Reiterates Threat to Retaliate Against U.S. Tariffs

Trump Trade Chief Wants Nafta Deal by Mid-May

Tariffs Are Self-Imposed Sanctions

Leaving NAFTA would be a self-imposed economic disaster resulting in job losses for 1.8M US workers in every state

We do not have a trade deficit

Occupational LICENSING

Lawmakers: Change state law that bars Texans in default on student loans from renewing work licenses

Burdensome licensing law turns shampooers into criminals

Blow-dry bars don’t even cut hair, so why do they need licenses?

In Texas, falling behind on your student loan payments can cost you your license to work

Occupational licensing: a blind spot for the right and left

Occupational licensing locks too many Americans out of the job market

Texas should take a long, hard look at its professional licensing requirements

Oregonians are panicking about self-serve gas pumps

Transportation and infrastructure

Why We Need to Stop Subsidizing Public Transit

Do Traffic Cameras Really Make Streets Safer?

I-35 traffic relief in the form of tolls

On congestion pricing

TOLL: The four-letter word changing daily commutes

A tip for infrastructure builders: fix it first

California’s bullet train Is going to be way, way more expensive

Hyperloop and flying cars are battling it out for the future of transportation

Freedom as a principle of mobility

Here are the streets included in Fort Worth’s 2018 bond proposal

Could money Fort Worth uses to fight crime instead go toward public transit?

How self-driving cars will change cities

The coming war on driving

Texas’ rural roots and urban future are on a high-speed collision course

History suggests the Hyperloop is an uncertain promise for future cities

Federal plans for bullet train between Dallas and Houston

free society: voluntary actions and privatization

Free-range parenting makes for responsible kids. We shouldn’t penalize it

Private Charity: Catholic Charities of Fort Worth

You’d be surprised how many government services could be privately provided

Better than government work: civil society

Smart cities, Data and Connectivity

Atlanta city government systems down due to ransomware attack

Stephen Goldsmith’s “A New City O/S: The Power of Open, Collaborative, and Distributed Governance”

At South by Southwest, pragmatist mayors learn to think like futurists

Smart procurement for smart cities

What’s the state and local agency role in the battle for data privacy?

Automating government work

Will tech make government obsolete?

8 ways artificial intelligence will transform our cities


Salt Lick BBQ wants to open an on-site winery, but Texas law won’t allow it

Why California’s lawsuit industry wants you to think coffee causes cancer

After series of scandals, Texas liquor agency pursues reforms

New law means extra costs for large craft brewers — unless they’re owned by brewing giants


2020 census: A conservative case against the citizenship question

Census estimates show another year of rapid growth for Texas suburbs

Migration out of big urban counties accelerates

Despite California’s immense wealth, the middle class is in decline

The population bomb has been defused

Texas population grew to 28.3 million in 2017

How more Americans can get to where the jobs are

Criminal Justice Reform and Policing

Charges Dropped Against Alleged ‘Black Identity Extremist’ in Dallas

Texas has led on prison reform, but we have more to do

Lawmakers weigh changing Texas law that lets rent-to-own stores file criminal charges on customers

Nebraska state senator wants to make it easier for people with criminal records to work

Dealing with overcriminalization


Dallas is “all in” on luring Amazon’s HQ2

Promising billions to Amazon: Is it a good deal for cities?

States prime themselves for new Amazon HQ

Winning Amazon’s HQ2 will require more than just tax incentives


School-choice supporters should drop the overheated rhetoric

Can apprenticeships train the workforce of the future? States hope so.

UT System regents vote unanimously to raise cost of tuition, fees

The charter school challenge

More funding for public colleges, but no tuition relief for students

Will Texas school finance panel tell schools to do more with less? Some members think it’s predetermined

How to reduce student loan rates and tuition

Want to help students? Let’s change how we subsidize education

The public benefit of private schooling: test scores rise when there Is more of it

learning and inquiry

On the Apprentice School

How we can ‘robot-proof’ education to better adapt to automation

Why intelligent optimism Is crucial to human progress

Want to be a scholar? be a scholar. You don’t need academia’s approval.

human progress and abundance

Human progress: the most important (and under-reported) fact in modern history

Welcome to the Golden Age

Negativity is natural but life is amazing

Why the world Is still getting better—and that’s likely to continue

What is it that makes humans unique?

Why the world is better than you think It Is – evidence of abundance

tech freedom and regulation

Is Google endangering American national security?

Questions Congress should ask Mark Zuckerberg

Amazon’s great R&D gift to the nation

Big tech may be monopolistic, but it’s good for consumers

How Amazon wins if internet sales tax goes into effect

When old regulatory systems meet new technology

Some states want to save net neutrality, but can they?

work: jobs and wages

Why ‘opportunity zones’ could ease unemployment in slow growth areas

Robots are coming for our jobs. Thank goodness.

Minimum wage increases are reducing jobs for teens

Mandatory paid sick leave will hurt the most vulnerable

The states that added the most jobs last year


Big machines make OTC go

Are pipeline land takings in the public interest if oil, gas headed overseas?

A bailout for nuclear power plants would be an economic explosion

Analytics of wealth redistribution through fuel-economy regulation

How does Texas’ budget use taxes from oil and natural gas production?

budget and taxes

Governments increasingly Tax Uber and Lyft for transit revenue

Trump’s Amazon tweet comes at eventful time for state-local taxes

Which state will be the first to suffer fiscal collapse?

Senator Ted Cruz leaps into digital sales tax fray

Cato Institute, Americans for Tax Reform join sales tax tiff

The GOP’s proposed internet tax would crush small business—which is why big retailers support it

Texas government risks credit rating downgrade, Comptroller Glenn Hegar says

The GOP’s internet tax

Gov. Abbott’s tax plan


Black activist jailed for his Facebook posts speaks out about secret FBI surveillance

When the Twitter Mob Came for Me

Why Humor Is Freedom

How the closing of the campus mind threatens freedom

Texas A&M spent more than a quarter-million dollars to draw attention from Richard Spencer’s 2016 visit to campus

On Goldwater Institute’s campus free speech model bill

the Sharing Economy

Bring on the electric share scooters

Airbnb regs are bad for small towns too

Capital bikeshare does not need subsidies

It is too soon to regulate Dallas’ bike share companies


Why Austin passed a citywide sick leave policy

Patients deserve  “Right to Try”

Amazon health alliance’s secret sauce will be technology

3 ways regulation makes health care expensive

How to increase health-insurance coverage by reducing ACA crowd-out

Get government out of healthcare and let the free market work

The State of FREEDOM

The passing of the libertarian moment

Cato’s Human Freedom Index

Fraser Institute’s Human Freedom Index for 2017

Texas ranks No. 3 in Fraser Institute US State Survey of Economic Freedom

Sweet land of liberty


American troops and Mexican politics: Are we underestimating our neighbor?

Texas National Guard deploys troops to Texas-Mexico border

Donald Trump is deploying troops to the border. But border crossings are lower than they have been.

Trump’s Twitter tirades just fuel the left’s rise in Mexico

What can change the way Dallas views immigrants? The Golden Rule, say civic and religious leaders

A multicultural Texas, 200 years in the making


Should infrastructure spending be state, local or federal?

When states should preempt local governments

Let local officials run local government

Homes, Housing and residential Zoning

Trump’s tariffs will make housing more unaffordable

Dallas’ longstanding policy of concentrating affordable housing in South Dallas without providing adequate services may be changing.

Why rents are actually lowering in some big cities

Does rent control do more harm than good?

Future and innovation

For millennials and by millennials: the rise of the future caucus

Technology will erase jobs – but make everything cheap or free


Illinois Household Income Up 111% In Past 30 Years; State Pension Benefits …. Up 1,061%

In Dallas and Houston, pension fights escalating, sparking unexpected debates

CalPERS past the point of no return?


For savings and cybersecurity, end no-bid contracting