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The views expressed in the articles below do not necessarily reflect the views of Lone Star Policy Institute, its leadership, or its editors.  The articles below are Texas-centric. However, we also believe it is important to learn from the trends, mistakes, and innovations outside of Texas.


free TRADE

Trump threatens tariffs on Canadian-made cars

When trade and aid collide, taxpayers lose

Trump’s trade war officially begins

Political miscalculations and bad policy threaten NAFTA renegotiations

Abbott to Trump: Steel and aluminum tariffs will harm Texas oil and gas

Trump’s steel tariffs could mess with Texas

The Republicans abandon free trade

Congress needs to act to end Trump’s reckless protectionism

Tafiffs Not Only Impose Immense Economic Costs but Also Fail to Achieve Their Primary Policy Aims and Foster Political Dysfunction Along the Way

Occupational LICENSING

Local governments and occupational licensing absurdity

Do daycare workers need college degrees?

Lawmakers: Change state law that bars Texans in default on student loans from renewing work licenses

In Texas, falling behind on your student loan payments can cost you your license to work

Texas should take a long, hard look at its professional licensing requirements


The myth of American inequality

New evidence that the world really is getting better

The reports of the death of democracy are exaggerated

Jonah Goldberg talks Suicide of the West at Goldwater Institute book event


Why California cities are becoming unlivable

Fair Park privatization plan moving forward faster than expected

How a new generation is reviving small-town Texas

The complex problems that government can’t solve by itself

Can gentrification be illegal?

The Tax Reform Program Many Hope Will Revive Distressed Communities

Republicans Do Well in Texas. Except for Dallas, Houston, Austin . . .

The next local control fight explained: Why Austin passed a citywide sick leave policy

Austin has mandated paid sick leave for workers, but Texas lawmakers are already working to reverse it

Urbanisim, Texas style


America might be ready for democratic socialism. It’s not ready for the bill.

Austin to end its bag ban after Texas Supreme Court ruling

Activists say straws should be banned because they are a ‘gateway plastic’

One couple’s fight to change how Texas defines a pickle

Bureaucrats shut down your kids’ lemonade stands? Country Time will pay the fines.

When did making customers happy become a reason for regulation or breakup?

Salt Lick BBQ wants to open an on-site winery, but Texas law won’t allow it


Shale country Is out of workers and dangling 100% pay hikes

Texas industry fears economic hit from Trump tariffs

Beware of bailouts masquerading as national security investments


No, “Medicare for All” is still not plausible

The fiscal implausibility of medicare for all

A Right To Try arrives


Populist v. populist as election shifts U.S.-Mexico relations

Mexico’s new president is promising big changes. Will that affect trade with Texas?

constitutional thinking

What the Declaration of Independence said and meant

The Declaration of Independence and the case for a polity based on universal principles


Elon Musk has big ideas, but can cities make them a reality?

Keep New York’s speed cameras

Leave my scooter alone

What if autonomous vehicles actually make us more dependent on cars?

Is a massive tunnel system the answer to Houston’s flood woes?

Viewing managed lanes as business entities is key to funding major highway projects

Texas cities want millennials living downtown. So why does the state keep building highways to the suburbs?

Stop trying to get workers out of their cars


Cashing In on the curb

Why every local government needs a new operating system


Just say no to a carbon tax

Taxing carbon emissions protects liberty, spurs innovation


Conservatism in the Age of Millennials