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The views expressed in the articles below do not necessarily reflect the views of Lone Star Policy Institute, its leadership, or its editors.  These articles are Texas-centric. However, we also believe it is important to learn from the trends, mistakes, and innovations outside of Texas.

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Future of the Market
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Texas-Mexico and NAFTA
Transportation and infrastructure


North Texas Must Stop Building Disposable Suburbs

Blame Suburban Zoning Rules for Your Crushing Commute

Dallas-Fort Worth metro area saw biggest population growth in Texas in 2018

The most diverse city in the U.S. is in Texas, report says

Houston trounces L.A. and New York City in new ranking of America’s freest metros

We’ll Always Have . . . Fort Worth?

Renewing localism for the 21st century

City governments should focus on opportunity, not income inequality

Maybe Austin voters want to be left on their own

Urban Cowboys

How cities became the new laboratories of democracy

Are electric scooters here to stay? Razor thinks so, and so does Dallas City Hall

The complex problems that government can’t solve by itself

Republicans Do Well in Texas. Except for Dallas, Houston, Austin . . .

The next local control fight explained: Why Austin passed a citywide sick leave policy

Austin has mandated paid sick leave for workers, but Texas lawmakers are already working to reverse it

Urbanisim, Texas style

constitution, law and federalism


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is investigating San Antonio for banning Chick-fil-A from its airport

Government Accountability for Causing Individuals Harm

Get The Government Off My Lawn

Texas A&M rated best in Texas for campus speech policies

Marijuana federalism’s time has come


Texas marijuana advocates set sights on 2019 legislative session

Texas police made more than $50 million in 2017 from seizing people’s property. Not everyone was guilty of a crime.

Pressure builds for Texas to move on hemp

No, supporting criminal justice reform isn’t being ‘soft on crime’

Economic Development

Instead of Apple perks, give taxpayers a break

Want to attract the next HQ2? Become the best place to live

Apple plans billion-dollar Austin campus

Not a typo: To Lure Amazon, DFW Airport had a plan to offer nearly $23 billion over 99 years

This week in Amazon-o-mania: Texas lands at the top of a couple lists

The unexpected cost of trying to land Amazon’s HQ2


Socialists Are Scary, but Capitalists Are Their Own Worst Enemies

Entrepreneurship and people in fragile communities

Texas courts shouldn’t “protect” businesses from competition

Texas House Passes Bill Legalizing Lemonade Stands Run by Children

Ranking U.S. Metropolitan Areas on the Economic Freedom Index

America’s most libertarian state is…?

The American dream is alive and well

The best and worst cities in the United States

Texas’ economic freedom ranking remains high but drops to 3rd nationwide

When you think of economic freedom, you should think of Buc-ee’s

Beyond GDP to a new road to serfdom

Texas’ economic freedom ranking remains high but drops to 3rd nationwide

Mercatus Center’s state fiscal rankings

Tax Foundations: 2019 state business tax climate index

Texas has a great business climate, but not when It comes to regulation

Texas model supports miraculous prosperity


Taking knowledge for granted

Is civilization corrupting?

Low-cost private school is a dream come true. So why do some fear it?

A Texas-sized brand: education savings accounts in the Lone Star state

The student loan forgiveness mess: the program is the problem


Let’s nuke government subsidies for all forms of energy

American Power

Renewable energy subsidies are wrong for Texas

Electric deregulation is working in Texas, says lawmaker who led the effort

Texas is using a record amount of electricity. Could demand outpace supply?

Lone Star Rising


The Green New Dealers and the New Socialism

The fatal flaw of the Green New Deal is that it doesn’t take climate change seriously

The three major problems with a carbon tax

Would a revenue-neutral carbon tax lead to bigger government?

Just say no to a carbon tax

Taxing carbon emissions protects liberty, spurs innovation

Environmentalists foolishly go to war against nuclear power

Water markets are needed to adjust to a hotter world

free TRADE

As tariffs rise, the costs to American households increase, especially for lower-income families

Twenty-Five Years of NAFTA

Why Trump’s threat to withdraw from NAFTA would be the true disaster

The economic and distributional impact of the Trump administration’s tariff actions

The right way to discipline China: Trump’s mercurial trade and tariff tricks won’t get the job done

Fallout from the trade wars

Abbott to Trump: Steel and aluminum tariffs will harm Texas oil and gas

Trump’s steel tariffs could mess with Texas

The Republicans abandon free trade


Future positive

Are Republicans turning against markets?

Democrats are shifting from ‘You didn’t build that’ to ‘You don’t deserve that.’ This is not progress.

How ‘market failure’ arguments lead to misguided policy

Conservatives are wrong to call for government ‘Trust busting’

A debate about the roots of American working-class discontent

The right Is wrong to lose faith in economic growth

The Worker and the Person

The Working Hypothesis

Don’t like the left’s ‘jobs guarantee’ idea? Well, the right is cooking up one of its own

Stagnating wages don’t tell the whole story


The kids today are high on socialism, but they haven’t ruled out capitalism

Young people like ‘socialism,’ but do they know what it is?

Conservatism in the age of millennials

Conservatives have a millennial problem


Texas judge deals Obamacare a major blow

The real problem with the health care system

Nurse practitioners can save primary care

No, “Medicare for All” is still not plausible

The fiscal implausibility of medicare for all

A Right To Try arrives

Right-to-Try Puts Patients Before Bureaucracy

housing and city planning

Lone Star slowdown? How land-use regulation threatens the future of Texas

Worried about high rent in North Texas? Blame city hall

Houston ranks as a bargain for first-time homebuyers

Texas Court Rules deliberate flooding of private property by state government in wake of Hurricane Harvey can be a taking

Minneapolis strikes a blow for affordable housing by slashing zoning restrictions

Rent control resurgent

To help fair-housing opportunity, HUD should slow unsustainable home price boom and focus on housing supply

If you want cheaper housing, return to the a la carte menu


Freedom in the 50 States (Cato Institute)

2018 Human Freedom Index  (Cato Institute and Fraser Institute)

Economic freedom improves lives, (another) study finds

The myth of American inequality

New evidence that the world really is getting better

The reports of the death of democracy are exaggerated

Occupational LICENSING

Arizona Becomes the First to Recognize Out-of-State Job Licenses

Licensing Reform Opponents Say Unlicensed Barbers Would Be as Dangerous as Unlicensed Chefs. Chefs Aren’t Licensed.

Arizona Becomes the First to Recognize Out-of-State Job Licenses

Texas barbers and cosmetologists do not need to spend time and money on state licensing

Occupational licensing costs $200 billion annually

The tangled mess of occupational licensing

Local governments and occupational licensing absurdity

The Licensing Logjam

Do daycare workers need college degrees?

Lawmakers: Change state law that bars Texans in default on student loans from renewing work licenses

In Texas, falling behind on your student loan payments can cost you your license to work

Texas should take a long, hard look at its professional licensing requirements

POVERTY AND empowerment

Hardly anyone wants to admit America is beating poverty

Benchmarking homeless shelter performance: a proposal for easing America’s homeless crisis

Measuring poverty with consumption, not reported income

In Opportunity Zones, good things come to those who hustle

The tax reform program many hope will revive distressed communities


Can algorithms run things better than humans?

Technology and the difficult issues of governance

How social services and performance contracting fit together

How the user experience (UX) can build greater trust in local government

Smart City leaders use tech to improve residents’ lives

Smart cities are in the eye of the beholder

Successful smart city projects emphasize citizen rewards now, growth for future

Why every local government needs a new operating system

Cities, data and the future of work

social capital

The state of our communities is not strong

As suicide rates rise, Hispanics show relative immunity

‘It’s relationships, stupid’ – how social capital is redefining politics

The Surprising geography of social capital in America


High-Tax State Exodus

Texas gearing up to tax more online purchases — but slowly

Trump, on a future debt crisis: ‘Yeah, but I won’t be here’

California regulators want to tax texts you sent 5 years ago

Chicago’s new PlayStation tax shows how greedy politicians can be

Permanence for 100 percent bonus depreciation provides more cost-efective growth than permanence for individual provisions

Extending the electric vehicle tax credit undermines tax reform


California’s new tax on texting

Government-owned broadband is costly — try these alternatives

Digital authoritarianism Is rising. Here’s what that means

A Right to ‘Live Free from Government’? States are granting it to citizens.

FCC sets rules for 5G infrastructure, limiting state and local control

Could tech make government as we know it irrelevant?

Google’s data breach scandal Is about regulation

How artificial intelligence will impact human well-being

When digital platforms become censors

Silicon Valley should disperse itself across the country for fresh ideas

To win the AI race, we need more humans

How technology Is helping close the gender gap and empower women

Will Republicans ruin the internet?

texas-mexico and nafta

Institutions, Trade & Economic Prosperity: An Examination of the U.S. and Mexican States

Trump: Closing U.S.-Mexican Border Will Hurt Economy, “But Security Is What Is Most Important”

Thank God for ‘Avocados From Mexico’

Texas, Mexico and the reality of economic partnership

Populist v. populist as election shifts U.S.-Mexico relations

Mexican energy sector overhaul could reduce U.S. export demand

Political miscalculations and bad policy threaten NAFTA renegotiations

Mexico’s new president is promising big changes. Will that affect trade with Texas?


Metro’s Planned Light Rail to Hobby Airport is a Bad Investment

Cars, Mass Transit and the Efforts to Reduce Emissions

Renewing the National Commitment to the Interstate Highway System: A Foundation for the Future

Resolved: cities should build for autonomous vehicles

Resolved: cities should Not build for autonomous vehicles

Dallas-Houston bullet train critics want to boost Texas oversight of eminent domain use

What urban policymakers can learn from the rideshare wars

Making electric scooters work for cities

Uber and Lyft are snatching passengers from public transportation

Safety regulations could kill the scooter revolution (but they totally won’t)

What if autonomous vehicles actually make us more dependent on cars?

Texas cities want millennials living downtown. So why does the state keep building highways to the suburbs?